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Major Benefits of Medical Marijuana

One of the benefits of medical marijuana is the treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma is one disease of the eye the increases the pressure of the eyeball which will, in turn, damages the optic nerves which interfere with the eye vision. One benefit of medical marijuana is that it will help in lowering the pressure both in the normal people and the ones with glaucoma. As a result, the drug will progressively slow the effects of the disease and prevent you from blindness.

Also, medical marijuana helps in improving lung health. Contrary to what most people think medical marijuana helps in increasing the capacity of the lung instead of damaging it. Because of a deep breath you are taking while inhaling marijuana you are likely to benefit from an increased lung capacity. This is important in that it reduces the effects of smoking tobacco by a bigger margin. You find that tobacco smoking is dangerous since it damages the lungs a result into a disease known as lung cancer as this will interfere with the gaseous exchange.

Control of the epileptic seizures is one of the benefits of medical marijuana. With the contents of marijuana such as THC, it works in such a way that it binds the brain cells that are responsible for excitability and promoting relaxation. Besides, it also helps in reducing the symptoms of severe seizures. The reason behind this is that it interacts with the brain cells to stop the production of excessive activity of the brain that causes seizures.

In addition, it prevents the spreading of cancer. One way in which it does this is by stopping the production of a gene that is responsible for that. This is because cancer cells always produce many copies of this gene compared to non-cancerous cells.

Medical marijuana is also beneficial since they help in the reduction of anxiety. It has been proven that marijuana help in the relieving pain and suppressing nausea. With this, the smoker will always be in a good mood which in turn helps in lowering stress. You may increase anxiety if you use excess of it and you should put that into consideration.

Apart from that, it also helps in relieving other types of muscle spasms. With this it can address some muscle spasm immediately.

It can also help in treating inflammatory bowel disease. This is because it can interact with the body cells that play an important role in the gut and immune responses. In this, it will prevent the permeability and binds the intestinal cells to bond together again.

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