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A Guide to Improving Customer Service With a Panasonic PBX

You can utilize Panasonic telephone systems Dubai enterprises depend on to efficiently boost customer support. This is possible since, among other functions, a Panasonic PBX has features built to help enhance the quality of phone conversations between support agents and customers. Below are ways you can harness the power of PBX phone communications within your organization to leave your customers happy:

The Mobility Attribute

One way to improve customer service is to ensure callers can find business representatives even when the intended recipient is not at the office. Given that a likely customer is calling during normal business hours, you could harness the mobility attributes your IP-capable Panasonic PBX has to facilitate access by staff to your business phone communication network from any place with broadband internet and a supported mobile device. Connecting your office phone to an IP network eliminates the need for users to be at the office to utilize this resource.
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A Well-Staffed Customer Support Desk
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If you’re a business serving a lot of customers every day, it makes sense that a good number of them will be calling your support desk each day to have certain issues addressed. So, you need to provide the right number of support staff to handle daily incoming calls from treasured customers.

However, you need to identify a Panasonic PBX office phone system that can simultaneous accommodate the number of users deployed at the customer care desk each time. Some of these systems are built for only five users, while others accommodate thousands of phone connections at the same time. This multi-user capability is vital to the objective of having a fair number of callers assisted by a human receptionist each day.

Quality Enhancement Coaching

You can rely on a PBX phone with coaching tools to help staff improve the quality of their phone engagements with customers. One of these tools is barge, and it enables a supervisor to listen in on a phone conversation involving personnel and a customer without the need to notify them. Whisper is another practical tool that enables a supervisor to not only eavesdrop on a phone call, but also give information to an employee in undertone, which may then be conveyed to the caller, or give guidelines on the best response depending on what the specific customer is asking.

Call recording may also prove important to your general customer service enhancement goals. Despite call recording not being meant for mentorship while on the call, evaluating recorded conversations can form the basis of quality improvements on areas of weakness.

When selecting Panasonic telephone systems Dubai has today, don’t leave out features that can help improve customer service.