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Why Stress Management is Necessary There are many ways whether negative or positive where the mental condition of a person can influence a person. there are ways that stress can be managed, but it is hard to eradicate it completely. Stress has become one of the major causes of mental disorders. Human stress can be caused by different things including social, economic among others. A a lot of approaches can be utilized to handle stress, but the professionals recommend psychological, social, environmental approaches to handle stress. General adaptation syndrome is a result of stress feeling for the victim. GAS is as a result of stress of which is your complex physiological responses, it has three phases. The alarm phase is the first phase. This is a phase where a body realizes there is a stressor and the body hormones start to react. Resistance phase is the second phase of GAS. During this phase, your body usually resists stress to get back to homeostasis. The third stage and important stage is the Exhaustion. This stage occurs when your body is tired and cannot fight anymore to get back to homeostasis. Examples of stress are; tension and irritability, fear and anxiety about the future. The known indicators of stress include poor decision making, lack of appetite, lack of concentration and minigames. It is possible to reduce stress levels in a human being.
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You need to look into yourself to deal with stress. The first way on how to take care of your self is to look into your body health which includes proper diet, enough sleep, and maintaining normal body activity. You need to stay active and playful as a way of taking care of your body and looking into your health. When you work out you force yourself to take your mind off the stressor and therefore, focus on what you are doing. A gym and jogging in the fields are also good ways of ensuring that the stress levels are reduced.
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There is also need to get social support to reduce stress. you need to talk to a friend or a relative any time that you are stressed up. ensure you get some help from a friend or a relative so as to relieve the stress in your body, hey will help you in dealing with stress and the stressors. At this point stay away from alcohol and other drugs. Some people start intake of alcohol and drugs when they experience stress. They think they will forget about their stress, but unfortunately, it only happens only when they are drunk. This information is important for you to know the causes of your stressors and the ways to deal with them. Stress is a cause of many other physical diseases that are very detrimental. You can adjust your attitude on issues and have good feeling that will help you have an enjoyable life that is free from stress.