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How To Choose The Best Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning is just as necessary as any different type of cleaning. Finding a commercial cleaning service is not as easy as it sounds. Every facility is different and has different needs to be satisfied. Appearance of the facility plays a big role in the success of business. If the facility is dirty; no one will be motivated to work. There are so many cleaning services to choose from, and to find the best one for you there are specific steps you must follow.

The facility and the size are the first you need to look at. This will make your work easier in choosing a cleaning service. Frequency, type of surface and the locations you need to be cleaned out are some of the things you should look at. Then decide on what budget you are on. Once you have a substantial number of potentials on the list you can start interviewing them.

For a mid size to large facility, there is most likely more than one area that requires a lot of cleaning. Different types of facilities have different ways to be cleaned, a hospital and a supermarket are cleaned very differently. Concrete and carpet surfaces require separate attention as well. Schools and hospitals have a different type of clean because they have a standard regulation for what clean is. You can reduce work on your end by selecting a commercial cleaning service that offers a lot of services. Look into cleaning services franchise because they offer many services and in multiple locations.

The reviews of a cleaning service are essential. You don’t want to repeat the hiring process every time you need a job done. You want to hear whether it has an outstanding track record of retaining its clients and whether it does a top notch job when it comes to cleaning.

The insurance of the cleaning service is important. The cleaning service should have a liability insurance to protect the client from a liability claim. Providing proof of insurance is not a big deal to a cleaning service that knows it’s credible. This is to show that they are responsible and professional. You should ask to be added as a certificate holder and additional insured, so you are updated with a new certificate when it expires. Insurance usually protects you against the destruction of property and injury to cleaners as they perform their duties.

Before you hire a commercial cleaning service go throughout the facility to find out what products they will use on the various surfaces. Some cleaners might even use the wrong equipment to clean and in the end damage and stain the surfaces.

The commercial cleaners should offer you a checklist with all the services performed for each cleaning. The management should sign the checklist so that the commercial cleaning contractor can submit billing.

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