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Gift Ideas When You Want to Appreciate Your Employees.

The Employee Appreciation Day happens every first Friday of March. However, this holiday is an unofficial one and is usually intended to recognize and appreciate employees for their hard work the whole year. A study conducted by Bob Nelson in 1995 showed that employee appreciation enhances their work performance. About 70% said their work attitude is improved by positive feedback from their employers.

Here in this article, however, you will learn various gift ideas that employees love. While the Employee Appreciation Day is not mandatory, it is always good to observe it. Actually, research has revealed that employees feel motivated through simple gifts and appreciations. This can be especially important if your company turnover rate is high. Also, employees tend to leave within the first year. However, providing gifts can make your employees stay longer.

When you pay good attention to the interests of your employees, you keep them motivated and focused. You need to show them more gratitude and love during the Employee Appreciation Day. The following are some of the gifts you can give to your employees as a recognition for their hard work.

1. Use business cards.

Gifting hourly employees with business cards would be a great way to reward them. Business cards make them feel appreciated and important. In most cases, some work of hourly employees is overlooked. When gifted with personalized business cards, a feeling of being part of the team develops.

2. Offer sleep masks.

Usually, employees who get enough sleep are often more productive. Your employees would, therefore, feel more appreciated when gifted with comfy sleep masks.

3. Bus pass.

As a matter of fact, some of your employees will depend on public transport. Because of this, some of their earnings will be used on transport. However, gifting then with bus pass will help them save as well as feel appreciated.

4. Subscription boxes.

Basically, subscription boxes would be great if you know your employee’s hobbies and interests. Basically, there are many kinds of subscription boxes. It will also be possible to select delivery length which can be one, or three or six months.

5. Offer hoodies.

For cold climates with freezing office, hoodies will be a good option. Actually, hoodies will help employees stay focused and toasty.

6. Provide tickets to events.

Events ticks would be a great gift for die-hard fans to an event with their favorite teams. The memorable experience will keep their morale high To those who like music, tickets to concerts and bands would be great.