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The Different Types of Documents Prepared by Paralegals

You must know that the paralegals work as assistants to lawyers. They would revise, draft and also keep in order almost every kind of document seen by those law firms as well as the other organizations that employ lawyers. Such Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there are about 256,000 paralegal jobs in the United States. Such paralegal openings could grow by 18 percent from 2010 to 2020.

The paralegals were known as legal assistants and they have appeared in the late 1960s. They were actually trained legal secretaries who started assuming the responsibilities for instance in the preparation of documents and in dealing with the clients which had previously been carried out just by lawyers. The paralegals are working under the supervision of the attorney and cannot go into practice on their own. These days, there are hundreds of paralegal education courses that you can find and they provide training equivalent to such first year or two in law school. A lot of the training which revolves around how to draft the documents for the attorneys and also review the documents submitted through the the other counsel.

Many of the paralegals work in the litigation. They would draft, revise, organize and review those documents for the lawyers who are preparing for the trials and other legal proceedings in front of the courts and the government agencies. The litigation documents would include complaints and the documents filed with the courts that open the lawsuits which explain why the law firm’s clients would like to file cases. Apart from the litigation documents that include interrogatories and also various questions that the attorneys would send to their the other counsel. The paralegals also work as librarians for those documents which they have been assembled for the court proceedings, which makes sure that the attorney can access the document in an easy way.
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Paralegals who are not working in litigation often work for the legal practices at the law agencies or for those in-house lawyers in many institutions such as the hospitals, the banks, the real estate companies, corporations and the publishing companies. Legal specialty areas would also include real estate, estates, health care and trusts and other specialties. The documents in every legal specialty are usually specific to the field. The paralegals often study textbooks in the paralegal school containing the examples of the legal specialty documents.
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Know that the paralegals are often responsible in assembling documents which are prepared for the courts as well as the other counsel as part of the litigation process that is known as discovery in which both sides to a case get to see those proofs at the heart of the other side’s case.